A Ghost To Kill Again

AGTKA BandI feel privileged to have been a part of this project! This band has recorded 2 full length albums, and is not currently active due to natural causes. The following links will take you to pages where it is possible to listen to or purchase our recorded material!
You can of course always send me an e-mail if you would like more information!

Members (past – present)

AGTKA Aaron Aaron JoyceAGTKA AlvaroAlvaro Rojas


AGTKA CoryCory CurtisAGTKA SamSamuel Cartwright

5 thoughts on “A Ghost To Kill Again

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  2. Greetings. I’m a fan of your old project “A Ghost to Kill Again” and I’ve been looking in vain for the CD. I see on Discogs.com there was a release but was independent. Disc has been on my want list for some time but I suspect unless I haunt used CD stores in your area (I live in Minnesota!) I will never find it. Do you know if there’s any remaining copies I could purchase? Thanks. -Todd Madson

    • Todd,

      It is not often (extremely rare) that I get a message like this, especially regarding a band now 13 years defunct (although I still play music with the band members in different formats).

      If I recall correctly, there are still copies of these CDs sitting in my father’s house (we sold very little of them!). I can make the arrangements to send you out a copy of each (Self Titled & Stockholm Syndrome) should they actually be there and I find them!

      I will start a correspondence with the email you have listed here and we proceed from there!


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