Bands and Music pages updated

Okay folks, I am getting there. I’ve added 2 new band pages: A Ghost To Kill Again and Zoë Trio, with some video/audio files (I am still trying to find a way to embed audio tracks within the page, and as soon as I do, there will be an onslaught of audio!). I have also put up some selections from my Grad Recital recording.

I seem to be waiting until last to do the whole “bio” thing and “personal information” page, because in some way I loathe it! I would rather get up the projects I am involved in (past and present) because I believe they do a better job of telling you about who I am and what I do! However, the site is growing, and I will be forced to address that soon enough.

If you have a visit, don’t forget to leave a comment, or send me an email regarding what you enjoyed, or did not enjoy about the site, and some suggestions on how I could make it better! I can take it!!

Editing Buddy

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