Here I will be posting various pieces of music I have worked on.
Come often, check it out and have a listen!
Leave some feedback if the music moves you sufficiently!

Kat Hendrix Collaboration – January 2014

In the Fall of 2013, Richard Schwan offered me the opportunity to hang out and talk music with local drummer/producer/arranger Kat Hendrix. After 4 sessions, a song was born! A huge thank you to Richard and Kat for offering your musical experience and seasoned guidance! This one is for you!

Seemingly Luminous

Samuel Compositions – October 2012

Here is a piece that I composed, then recorded with good friend Kyle Axford in a day or so. We had discussed recording shorter compositions with themes, as a way to practice goal driven composition. My intent was for the static snare drum parts to offer a “bed” for more dynamic parts to lay in. I had a lot of fun recording this, and you hope you enjoy it!

Composed Short

Samuel Cartwright Quartet – 2006

Please go to my Career – Solo page to check out this project

Fishy – 1999

Here are some tunes I recorded under the project name “Fishy”. I am sure I arrived at this name because something wasn’t quite right about the recordings… This was recorded during my post-highschool year at the tender age of 18. All I had at this time was a decent PC, with a Soundblaster AWE64 sound-card (one stereo input jack). I would record the guitars and bass in stereo with my dad’s Zoom effect unit and do any necessary panning and audio effects in SoundForge (the only free-ish WAV editing program I could get my hands on at the time). I would layer-paste all the guitar/bass parts, and when I was ready for the drums, I used the Peavy mixing console that Kyle Axford had purchased for our band “Tunnel”, and had left in my basement for recording purposes. I had 3 really simple microphones at the time, that I would place around the drums and, using the console, mixed them down into a MONO track into the STEREO in of my sound-card…
The end result : 4 songs, 2 of which I have put up for your listening “pleasure”…

Fishy – Down

Fishy – Falling

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  4. You definitely have good strong basic musical roots. I love how you can mix up so many flavors and dynamics in your composition. Can’t wait to get more ear candy from you!

  5. Hi Sam, I have just been listening to your music, I thoughly enjoyed it, especially the Fishy falling. Your style is great, keep going, love it.

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