Club CocoCoco Love Alcorn:  A phenomenal artist and amazing person! I had the pleasure of recording on her album “Joyful“. Follow the link to hear one of my favourite songs of all time to have played on – “Intellectual Boys”.

Also check out the video for “Revolution” below, another track on the album “Joyful” I put some drum to!

Coco Love Alcorn – Revolution


Recording "For The Night"Jen Lane:  I had so much fun recording with Jen Lane for her album “For The Night” (support her and buy it here). I learned a lot about myself and recording for this session, and for that, I am ever grateful!

I also recommend checking out Jen’s YouTube channel, where you can sample most of the record before you buy! Here’s a sample for you…

Jen Lane – Today I Lost My Mind


Ben Rogers: Ben Rogers StageThe man, the music, the dog… I love everything about Ben! Don’t really see him around much these days, but had a whole lot of fun making this music video with him! Check it out below!




Ben Rogers – River At My Back Door (Live!)

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