Samuel Cartwright Quartet – 2006

Samuel Cartwright QuartetThis band had only 1 show, and I was being marked on my performance…
It was my graduation recital at Capilano College (now Capilano University)
I am indebted to the fine musicians who donated their expertise to the cause!

Chad Makela – baritone saxophone
Adam Thomas – acoustic bass
Bruno Hubert – piano

Here are 3 selections from the recorded recital. “Waltz!”, a tune I wrote for Bruno, with whom I’ve shared many a musical experience. I have also included the performance of my arrangement of John Coltrane’s composition “Giant Steps”.The third selection is a duet with Bruno on piano and myself on marimba/vibraphone. It is an arrangement of selected repertoire from Chick Corea’s “Children’s Songs“. Enjoy!

SCQ – Waltz!

SCQ – Giant Steps

Sam & Bruno – Children’s Songs

One thought on “Solo

  1. Hey nice meeting you too! Figured it’d be cooler to respond via your site. What a bummer we didn’t get more time to brunch or nerd out more over music. Particularly liked your short composition. Did you get to listen to kaki king or my rough cuts? Any thoughts? Just started a basic youtube channel today… Here it is if you prefer this to soundcloud

    Look forward to hearing back,
    Vanessa (vanpan from San Fran, the girl from a week and some change ago from libra)

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